Maintaining Health and Safety of its workforce in addition to operating in an environmentally conscious manner are of paramount importance to Beam and have always been one of its main and most crucial objectives.

The Board of Directors along with every business unit are fully committed and continue to strive to implement the company’s HS& E policy standards.

Health &Safety:
Frequently operating in challenging environments drove Beam to continuously ensure the safety of its workforce and other collaborating parties, including subcontractors and suppliers.
To achieve this target, each business unit is unceasingly developing and improving a system that satisfies the company’s policy as well as the requirements of the countries in which it operates.

Accordingly, specific goals and objectives are being set and revised, in addition to training staff and increasing their awareness of actions considered a threat to health and safety.

Beam International has always operated and executed its projects while giving proper consideration to protecting the environment. Various systems and processes were deployed in a careful way to minimize hazardous impact on the environment.

Community Affairs:
While undertaking its activities, Beam International has always been considerate to the communities in which it operates. The company works hard to ensure that relationships with host communities are founded on mutual respect and understanding. Community support is practiced in many ways including understanding the real impact of the various activities on local communities with a view of reducing any negative impact, provision of job opportunities to indigenes wherever possible, and generally resolving all issues with communities in a spirit of respect and understanding.

Due to its diverse project locations, especially in remote areas, Beam International considers the security of its workforce as a paramount issue. Across the company’s management, there is a commitment to create a safe working environment to all employees through risk assessment and management, in-depth understanding of the cultures and habits of countries in which it operates, travel arrangements, and training on security awareness.


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